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What Employers Think of Your Online MBA Degree

Posted: September 27, 2016 To: CareerBy: Neighthan
What Employers Think of Your Online MBA Degree

There is no question regarding the value of an MBA degree in general – it is pretty much agreed on the fact that it provides solid business skills which can be very well applied in the working world. It is why many employers appreciate it.

Not all MBA degrees carry the same weight, however, since the institution offering it can make a huge difference in how you are perceived. A reputable school is very likely to trump the unknowns. This means that you should do a bit of research before investing your time and money in a degree. After all, you don’t want any of it to go to waste.

Online MBA degrees are no exception. There are options to be found from highly-respected institutions, making graduation of their excellent programs a noteworthy accomplishment in the eyes of employers. Online-only universities and those that are made for profit, on the other hand, are likely to provide you with a diploma that will not be held to great value. Some of these will have low admission and graduation requirements, often not demanding much besides paying the tuition costs in order to end up with an MBA degree. Before looking at the requirements for a trusted institution, let’s see the pros and cons of getting this certification online. We will consider the case where the student follows the program of a high-quality university.

Pros and cons of an online MBA degree


1. You can perform the tasks required anywhere you are

The big advantage of online activities applies when it comes to studies as well. You will no longer be tied to a location for certain academic tasks. Getting physical limitations out of the way allows you work where you are most comfortable.

The amount of flexibility provided makes an online MBA degree ideal for those that have other responsibilities. People that are working and want to study at the same time will find this a highly attractive option. And there are more cases that can benefit from it. Even students residing in a different location than that of the university can follow one of their programs, avoiding many of the challenges that come with moving.

2. Online MBA degrees are significantly cheaper

Regular MBA programs are quite pricey, making them a difficult choice for some. Online programs, however, are significantly more affordable. Choosing this option from a respected university should be just as useful as getting your degree the old fashioned way.

3. You have increased freedom when it comes to your learning style

Online programs allow you better control over your pace and learning practices. While regular programs involve group tasks, a more structured curriculum and other demands that are based on face-to-face interaction, here you will be able to focus on your own approach to the requirements. Granted, not every person is suited for online programs - less structure this can be a disadvantage for some.


1. You won’t have the same kind of experience that group work can provide

Replacing the advantage of being in the same room as your colleagues and teachers is difficult. MBA degrees generally offer plenty of opportunities for group work that will prepare students for the demands of real companies. Building strong connections can also be extremely useful. After all, these are a crucial part of the business world. Knowing the right people can make a huge difference, regardless of whether you plan to start your own company or work for others.

2. You are required to be more motivated and disciplined when following online programs

You may think it is easy to work on your own, but you may be surprised how much the presence of others adds to your motivation and discipline. Having a sense of competition, feeling the obligation of doing what others are doing, seeing the reaction of someone impressed with your work – these are often the things that push you the most. That is not to say that you can’t be self-motivated, but it is important to be aware of the situations where are you are most driven.

Picking the right university for an online MBA degree

Online learning is getting popular and also cheaper as the number of students increases each year. Stackable cources and certificates provide highly customized experience and need less investments in terms of time and money. Yet, when it comes to MBA, most online platforms can't provide the same weight as campus cources. Employers also tend to be sceptical of online learning certificates.

At the same time, millennials change career paths at least four times before they turn 32, which means they have to acquire new skills on the fly and they don't have time for traditional business schools. Which means that, if schools want to keep their ratings, they have to incorporate education technology, or EdTech, in their programs.

The most important advice is that you research the reputable regular schools offering the option of an online MBA program. Those that are online-only, for-profit and not accredited are to be avoided.

You should make sure that the university you choose is approved by at least one of the three biggest accrediting organizations: EQUIS, AMBA and AACSB. This ensures that the standards followed are the same as traditional programs.

An online MBA degree can definitely be just as valuable as a regular one, provided that you receive it from the right place and are willing to put in the work needed to make the most of it.

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