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Fresno, CA, US

Thesis, 21 days, PhD

November 12, 2021

I was looking for a professional writer for my thesis when I discovered the team from Supreme Dissertations. What surprised me after my first email was that they immediately scheduled a meeting to get to know each other better and understand my requirements. I was delighted with their openness and their tact when their ideas came in contradiction with mine. I appreciate their involvement in each project and their creativity. Moreover, even though the team changed during the project, they communicate very easy and kept me informed about any changes.


Richmond, VA, US

Paper, 5 days, Sophomore

October 05, 2021

The team at Supreme Dissertations saved me so many times that I simply forgot the number. Since I first discovered them, I became addicted to their services. They helped on various topics and convinced me that they could do absolutely anything. And, don’t imagine that I am a rich student who doesn’t know what to do with his money. On the contrary, my budget was always very tight. However, they always found a solution for me and offered me a high-quality paper every time.


Atlanta, GA, US

Dissertation, 6 days, Senior

July 31, 2021

When I got in touch with Supreme Dissertations I was very pressed by a very tight schedule. I contacted several websites offering writing services and none wanted to take over my dissertation as the timeline was too short. I felt completely desperate to see how close the deadline was, and I didn’t have my dissertation started. When I explained Supreme Dissertations team how stressed the situation was, they first calmed me down and assured me that they would take care of everything. They kept their word and my dissertation was ready 2 days before the established deadline. I don’t know how they did it, but they are great.


Boston, MA, US

Dissertation, 10 days, PhD

July 22, 2021

I worked with Supreme Dissertation team on several theses. They surprised me every time with their fresh approach. Every time I contacted them I discovered a better team than our previous interaction. They are always result-oriented. Once I described the topic of my thesis and we agreed on the structure and details, I didn’t have to worry about anything else. The final paper was incredible, keeping my voice and creating a very well-researched masterpiece.


El Paso, TX, US

Paper, 6 days, Senior

July 16, 2021

When you decide to collaborate with a team of writers for your dissertation, there is a lot of stress on your shoulders. You wonder if they will keep your voice and understand what exactly you need from their side. I was surprised to discover the team from Supreme Dissertations. Since our first discussion, they kept on coming with new ideas. They constantly sent me updates on how the paper is evolving. I kept collaborating with them for other marketing projects as well and the results were always top-notch. My conclusion is simple: you cannot fail when you work with such a young and proactive team.


Manchester, UK

Dissertation, 12 days, Master

June 12, 2021

One of my friends recommended Supreme Dissertations to me. He worked with them on his thesis. But, I needed a dissertation which made me feel scared. I didn’t know if they have enough experience to prepare an entire dissertation and comply with my professor’s requirements. I was surprised to discover that there was an entire team dedicated to my dissertation. They did an excellent job on doing a detailed research and have a high attention to details. I received a flawless dissertation at a very good price. I can tell you that they won’t empty your pockets. That’s for sure!


London, UK

Dissertation, 6 days, Sophomore

April 11, 2021

Since I first discovered Supreme Dissertations, I became a very loyal client. Even though our first interaction was a bit rocky as I didn’t manage to explain very well what I needed from them, the team managed to meet my expectations and deliver a high-quality paper. Communication is very important in this business and they manage to do it very well. When I first contacted them, I asked for a paper that they never did before. However, they immediately took the challenge and put all their efforts to meet my expectations.


Scottsdale, AZ, US

Paper, 4 days, Freshman

March 11, 2021

I want to thank Supreme Dissertations’ team for all the good grades they helped me get. I contacted them when I was completely stuck with a thesis on Anthropology. I didn’t expect to find an entire team dedicated to this topic. They helped me write one of the best papers I ever presented in university. Thank you for your time and patience to answer all my questions and prepare a perfect paper for me.


Auckland, New Zealand

Paper, 2 days, Freshman

February 11, 2021

When I discovered Supreme Dissertations, I was afraid that it would cost me a fortune. I didn’t have a very generous budget, and this made it very difficult for me to find a team of writers who would take over my paper. You showed me that you are flexible and always open to negotiate your fees so that you accommodate my necessities. I am happy to have the chance to work with you and I can only say how much I appreciate your professionalism and commitment to deliver the expected results.



Paper, 3 days, Senior

December 01, 2020

Whenever I have a difficult assignment at school, I know I can count on Supreme Dissertations. I had so many sleepless nights thinking about how to write my thesis. Since I found the team at Supreme Dissertations I know that I can calm down as they will take care of my papers. They understand immediately which are the paper’s requirements and constantly communicate with me whenever they have a question. My grades improved a lot since I found them. Thank you for that!

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