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The bulk of our orders are for essays and papers. After all, these are the most common assignments given from high school forward. A smaller percentage of students are in grad school and our Ph.D. writers are available for thesis and dissertation help. Beyond this, however, you need to know that we offer lots of other services and produce any other type of writing assignment too. Here is a more complete listing of all of our products for both students and business owners.

Academic Products

  • The Book Review: The problem that most students have when they come to us for a book review is that they have not had time to actually read the book. That’s fine. Once we have the title, we will turn it over to a writer who is fully familiar with the work and who will be able to provide a great review, based upon your specific instructions.
  • The Movie Review: These are differentiated from book reviews because students normally need to comment on many facets of video production. Based on the instructor’s requirements, we will give you a review that is top-quality.
  • The Case Study: These are typical assignments in business and psychology/sociology coursework, usually at the graduate level. We have Ph.D.’s in all of these fields who have lots of experience producing these pieces. Just give us the details – we’ll take care of the rest.
  • The Lab Report: Lab reports at the college level are complex pieces of research, involving literature reviews, strict methodology, and statistical analysis. We have the Ph.D. scientists to take your data and craft a perfect report.
  • The Article Critique: Writing critical analyses can sometimes be tough. And the articles you may be given to critique are not easily understood in the first place. Let us give you a topic-specific expert to write yours.
  • Coursework Help: Students often get homework assignments that they just don’t have the time to complete. These can be short answer responses to chapter questions, a short essay response, lengthy and complicated math or physics problem sets, etc. If you need this help, we can meet even the most urgent deadlines and have that coursework completed within hours.
  • The PowerPoint Presentation: Some students are really adept at creating slides for their presentations; others not so much. If you are struggling with slides, let us give you a topic-specific expert who can take your content and create engaging slides for you.
  • The Speech: A speech is not an essay presented orally. It takes a lot of creativity to prepare an oral presentation that will engage an audience. If you are not a skilled speechwriter, let one of our creatives do it for you. Provide us the topic, the purpose, and the other details, and we are on it.
  • Our Math/Science Services: College math calculations problem sets, modeling projects and problem research in math and the sciences can consume hours of time and still yield no good results. If you need math or science Ph.D. to help you, reach us, we have them.

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Professional Products and Services

When students are in their final years of school; when career professionals are looking for a change, they need a resume and CV writing at its finest. One of the newer departments we have developed over the past couple of years is our professional services expert team. These great creatives and HR pros have formed a department that can design and prepare compelling resumes, CVs, and cover letters. Rather than using canned templates that are typical of all other resume/cv services, we approach each client as an individual, engage in extensive consultation and craft applicant materials that are unique for every position. Clients will love the customized designs and the presentations of their educational and experiential backgrounds. Our clients get those interviews.

Business Services

Most businesses have an online presence, and establishing and maintaining that presence is often the difference between success and failure. Our copywriting department is filled with techies and content marketers who have the most current expertise in the industry. Here are the types of writing expertise we can provide:

  • Website Content: the text and visuals/media that you have on your site can engage or bore your visitors. We have techies and writers who can design and develop a killer website for you – one that will keep visitors interested and moving through your sales funnel. If you need a business blog, we can set it up and create regular and compelling posts.
  • Social Media Profiles and Maintenance: You will need to be where your customers are on social media. We create your profiles and can maintain regular and scheduled posting.
  • The Press Release: Getting press releases accepted by news outlets is tough. You need to be a seasoned journalist. Fortunately, we have those journalists. When you have newsworthy events, let us know. We’ll get those press releases crafted in no time.
  • The Website Review: Today’s consumer is savvy and will do the research before doing business with any company. They will check review sites and see what others have to say. When you want great reviews about your company’s products or services, we will identify the best sites and prepare great reviews for publication on those sites.
  • The Product Review: Again, having great reviews of your product or services will bring customers to you. We can craft unique reviews, all in different tones and styles, and schedule the regular publication of them on all pertinent review sites. Your reputation is important – let us make it great.

Our reach of products and services is wide and continues to expand. If you need any of these products or services, just complete our order form. If you do not see something you need, get in touch with customer support right now. We know we can provide it.

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