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Money Back Guarantee

The Money-Back Guarantee offers you the right of requesting reimbursement for our inability to fulfill our duties towards you. Our professional writing service offers you genuine academic assistance, and therefore, we want to be certain that we complete our collaboration with you being 100% content.

SupremeDissertations.com has a very high satisfaction rate. Around 80% (and even more) customers return for our services, and they have all expressed great satisfaction with our product. However, there are instances when something can go wrong, which is why we have the Money-Back Guarantee as a backup for our customers. We emphasize the fact that there are instances where we can also offer a full refund for our services.

I. Receiving a Refund

You will receive a refund when:

  • You do not yet have an assigned writer: Such a situation is very rare, but it can sometimes happen. In such a situation, you will always receive a full refund and will be notified within the shortest amount of time. If you wish for another writer to work on your revision, but we have no one available, you can open an official dispute. The refund will be made based on your request.
  • You decide to cancel your order halfway through the assigned time: If half of the deadline has already passed, you will receive a total of 50% refund. The other 50% will be used to cover the efforts and expenses already made by the company.
  • You cancel the order after confirming the author: In this circumstance, you will receive a 70% refund. The other 30% will be used to cover the company’s efforts to provide you with an appropriate writer and services.
  • The delivery was late: This will happen only if the assigned writer gets ill or in the case of other emergencies. The company will provide you with refunds to cover the tardiness of the delivery. The amount will be discussed afterward with the customer. (*)
  • Mistaken additional order: If you placed an order by mistake, you ought to contact us immediately and notify us that the product is not needed. If we do not receive a cancellation of the order, we will, therefore, treat it as valid and will look to assign a writer. Once the writer is assigned, you will not be able to receive a full refund.
  • You receive two invoices: If you are charged twice for a paper, you need to immediately notify us. Both receipts need to be sent to us so that we can address the problem and process the refund. This is a very rare circumstance as there is no way for a customer to be charged for an extra order unless he or she made it by mistake.
  • Plagiarized content: If the claim is that the paper is unoriginal, a credible plagiarism report is required (preferably “Turnitin.com”).

(*) Note: If your set deadline is 8 hours and your paper came one hour late, the product will fall into the next deadline category, which is 24 hours. The longer deadline will cost less than what the customer has paid for, and you will, therefore, be refunded the difference.

II. Rejecting a Refund

You will NOT receive a refund when:

  • The grade you receive is lower than you expected: The paper that is created by the Company is for reference purposes only and is not ready for any submission. If the claim for compensation is due to a bad grade, such cases will be investigated according to the comments on the content, produced by the Writer.
  • Delayed payment: If a customer claims that the order was delayed when the truth is that the payment was also delayed, we will not be held responsible. Therefore, a refund cannot be requested. (*)
  • Proofreading, editing, and formatting orders: Please keep in mind that a document submitted for editing, proofreading or formatting contains content that was originally provided by you. Therefore, these services do not get the option of a refund.

(*) Note: In the case of a revision deadline, any previous delays to refunds that were mentioned as well as the price recalculation will not apply. The reason behind that is because the end dates will be different.

III. Free Revision Guarantees

If a customer is not satisfied with the work provided by SupremeDissertations.com, they can ask us for a free revision. They can also request for another writer to revise it, and in some cases, a partial refund. We will provide you with a Microsoft Word version of the document, and you will need to provide us with strong evidence to support your claim. We may even ask for your own version of the revised document. The document will be then sent to the dispute department, where the appropriate decision will be made.

Any Purchased Order Preferences are non-refundable as are inseparable from the initial product and service provided. The only exceptions are ‘Draft’, ‘1-page summary’ or ‘Originality report’ features, if they are not provided to the Customer in addition to the product. 

The information needs to be sent within 3 days. If you fail to do so, the claim for the dispute will be canceled and you will no longer receive a refund. If the refund is approved, we encourage that you contact our Customer Support Department as soon as possible so that they can provide you with further help. The transaction will be processed in USD, in amounts of 10 (or multiples of 10). The money can be used as a credit balance which you may use for a future order. Once a refund has been confirmed, our company will process it within 5 days. Please keep in mind that SupremeDissertations.com will not be responsible for the bank transfer fees.

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