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Top 10 Universities to Apply for MBA Scholarships in the US

Posted: September 27, 2016 To: CareerBy: Neighthan
Top 10 Universities to Apply for MBA Scholarships in the US

MBA degrees are extremely useful for any student looking to make his or her way into the business world. Not only will they acquire skills that have great application in a company, but the accreditation is also appreciated by numerous employers. When it comes to someone with limited or no work experience, having a diploma of this kind can open multiple doors. Even those already in the workforce can see advancement in their careers following the graduation of an MBA program.

It is important to know, however, that the institution providing the degree plays a significant role in how you are seen by employers. Reputable schools and universities will greatly increase the chances of people showing interest in you, while unknown ones could be dismissed.

With that being said, costs can also be a deciding factor. Without scholarships, the financial effort demanded could be quite high for some students and their families. This is why we decided to list our top 10 universities for MBA scholarships in the US.

1. Harvard Business School

Harvard needs no introduction – not only is it considered to be one of the best universities in the world when it comes to curriculums, but it also provides some of the best financial accommodations you can find. When it comes to MBA programs, 65% of the students receive some level of assistance. Scholarships can cover from $5,000 to the full tuition and offer monthly stipends as well. There are options both for those with financial needs and those that excel in their academic life.

2. Stanford Business School

Stanford Business School offers attractive opportunities for any students that can prove their financial difficulties. This is done by providing evidence related to income. The sums covered are from $10,000 up to the full tuition, with the option of a living stipend available as well. As expected, attractive scholarships for those with great academic performances are available.

3. Wharton Business School

This school mostly provides merit-based scholarships. The amounts covered are from $20,000 up to full tuition plus monthly stipends.

4. New York University Stern

NYU Stern claims that one in five students have received a merit-based scholarship. There are several full-tuition scholarships available to all students, whether US citizens or international students. There are also options that cover the tuition costs partially.

5. Kellogg School Of Management

There are plenty of good scholarship opportunities to be found for MBA students. The school offers extensive options for financial aid: need-based scholarships, merit scholarships, along with more specific programs such as those aimed at students in their second year.

6. Ross School Of Business (at the University of Michigan)

With scholarships ranging from $5,000 to full tuition, all students attending the Ross School Of Business are considered for merit-based scholarships. There are also specific scholarships such as for US Veterans or International Students.

7. UCLA Anderson School Of Management

The Anderson School Of Management offers both need-based and merit scholarships aimed at MBA students. With a wide array of scholarship options available and excellent teaching conditions, it attracts numerous students each year.

8. Columbia Business School

This school offers mostly partial-tuition scholarships that are need-based. This is done in order to provide equal education opportunities to students from all backgrounds. While there are scholarships with merit components, they are generally a smaller factor overall.

9. Darden School Of Business from Univerity of Virginia

Darden School takes all students that are granted admission into consideration for merit-based scholarships. There are several interesting specific options to be noticed. International Students have their own attractive scholarship programs. Affinity groups are also covered, as the school desires to encourage those populations that are underrepresented in the business world.

10. Sloan School Of Management (from MIT)

MIT Sloan School Of Management offers various merit-based fellowships and scholarship to their students. Some interesting mentions would be the Forte Fellowship, for exceptional female students and The Bill and Lisa Ford Fellowship for those involved with solving sustainability problems.

What To Look For When Deciding On A University?

The obvious answer is that you should be looking at the University’s reputation since that’s what a lot of the employers will do. See the admission requirements for each one and judge what your best choice would be according to them. All of the options we picked here are respectable, but there are others that fit the requirement in the US.

Second of all, be sure that you read the scholarship options available from all your possible choices. Universities make the information public on their websites in order to attract students; analyze what you find and try to judge your own level of motivation and abilities in the field in a realistic manner. A merit-based scholarship will not mean much if you are not willing to put in the effort needed for good grades.

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