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Questions about our Products

How do I place an order on the site?

Placing an order is as simple as filling our intuitive order form with all the details of your request. Content type, topic, page count, deadline and any preferences regarding sources are the key fields, but all the form should be completed in order for your instructions to be as clear as possible. 

Will my paper be plagiarism-free?

Absolutely. The accomplished professionals in our writing team would never risk their reputation by copying the work of others. To keep things fair for everyone, we do check each work using anti-plagiarism software before delivering. 

When will you start creating my paper?

A writer with relevant experience in the type of content and topic requested will be assigned to your order on the same day or the following morning, depending on the time you placed the order at. Work starts immediately afterward, usually with gathering the best sources for the task.

Questions about Our Policies and Procedures

Are your services confidential?

Preserving the customer’s privacy is one of our top priorities. All the personal information stored is for the purpose of having ways of communication with the customer and delivering an order on time. We will never share any details with any third parties. The worries that you will be revealed to have used professional writing services for your content are unfounded.

Can I request changes or cancel an order?

Yes, you can do both of these. Orders canceled can lead to refunds, with the amounts depending on several factors that are explained in our refund policy section. Changes also depend on the specifics of your situation: if they are requested mid-work and are extensive, they may require additional fees or an extended deadline. You will receive more information about your case when contacting our support team.

After receiving the final draft, you can request any change, provided that it’s reasonable and does not contradict your original instructions. Otherwise, it would fall into rewriting category, which is different from regular revisions.

Will you respect the deadline?

We can guarantee to respect the deadline agreed on. However, this also requires the collaboration of the customer, seeing how he or she needs to provide contact details or information relevant to their demands in a timely manner. None of the delays caused by external factors are our responsibility.

Can you ensure that I’ll be satisfied with the paper?

We want to make sure that everyone is satisfied with our services. This is why we provide temporary drafts and updates while working on orders - we want to make sure that our customers are aware and happy with the direction that things are going in, at all times.

We do provide revisions according to the feedback we receive, making sure the final result meets the demands.

Questions about Pricing

Questions about our Staff

How do you assign writers to orders?

We analyze the requirements of each order placed and only take into consideration those writers that are suitable for the task. Only those providing the right combination of academic background, professional experience in the topic chosen and availability will be chosen. We will never ask writers to approach subjects they have no experience in.

Can I communicate with my writer?

Yes, you can communicate with your writer using the dedicating messaging tools on the website. We highly encourage you to do so, as instructions regarding your desires provide a massive help in reaching the best result.

Dissertations have a massive importance in anyone’s academic life, so we want to make sure that the result fully represents you. The ideas transmitted can be exactly the ones you choose. Same goes for resources used. There are some instances where clients are not confident in their writing abilities, but do possess great skill in the field that they are choosing. We are here to make sure that all their knowledge is expressed in an attractive form.

Alternatively, you can leave most of these tasks up to us, saving you the time investment they would demand. Communication will still be needed, however, seeing how periodic drafts will be sent in order for you to evaluate the approach.

Can I choose the writer for my order?

Yes, you can request to have a certain writer assigned to your order. However, make sure you check their availability before expecting them to start working on your project. The topic chosen is another thing to keep in mind, seeing how it may differ from their area of specialty. If the necessary conditions are met, you can contact customer support or request in the order form to have a certain writer assigned.

Do your writers really cover all fields?

Yes, they do. We made sure to have experts in all fields that are required by our clients. Our writers have diverse specialties, but one thing they have in common is excellent education – Ph. D graduates are what we look for, with numerous current or former teachers being available in our team.

This helps ensure that our writing team knows what is needed for a good dissertation. After all, those who have evaluated countless works will know how the grading process works, what mistakes to avoid, what the best resources are and what general practices to follow.

Miscellaneous Questions

What is SupremeDissertations?

SupremeDissertations.com offers professional writing services to a variety of customers.

All fields of study are covered by experts, so you can expect any order to result in a high-quality product.

Our team consists of highly trained professionals coming from various backgrounds, ensuring that we can bring an expert’s voice on any topic that a client may demand.

Do I receive the copyright for the content that you delivered to me?

Yes, the final draft grants you full rights. Periodic drafts that we send for feedback, however, are not to be published.

These are the most common questions that we receive, but we are always happy to answer more. Contact us now and see that our customer attention is second to none. Place an order and let us live up to all our other promises as well!

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