Revision Policy

Supreme Dissertations is a company that provides high-quality essay writing services to students everywhere in the world, assisting them in their academic and professional path. Whether what you need is an essay, a resume, a report and a research proposal, we will make sure to deliver a high-quality piece of writing that meets all of your academic requirements and expectations. Customer satisfaction is the thing that matters most to us, and it is also something that makes the difference between an average writing company and an outstanding one.

Requesting a Revision

Keeping the above-mentioned in mind, there may still be some cases when customers will ask for a revision of a paper that has already been written. Here are some facts and details that you need to remember about our reviewing process.

  • You may ask to have a paper revised according to your original instructions and requirements. Provided there are no changes to your original instructions from the order, this revision will be completely free of charges, as it is included in the initial price.
  • In order to be taken into consideration, a revision needs to be made within 14 days of you receiving your final draft. This given time is usually more than enough for customers to read their papers and see whether or not the paper meets all of their requirements, without any additional changes. The revision must be made by contacting the Customer Support Department by live chat, e-mail, and phone. Any requests for revisions that come after the 14-days time frame will be charged extra.
  • If a paper has been delivered earlier than usual, you do not have to wait until the end of your deadline to ask for a revision. The 14-days countdown will begin at the moment we send you back your final draft.

If your revision requires significant changes to your instructions – changes that were not part of the original instructions you provided us with – your price will meet additional charges. Here are some examples where a paper may require some extra fees:

  • Your original instructions suffered a change when the writer has already begun working on your order.
  • You request for extra pages, particular resources, and more information after you have received the final draft, in the circumstance that you had not given us that information in the first place. In the event of this happening, we will calculate the extra fees and will notify you about them before the writer proceeds on revising/modifying your paper.
  • You make changes to your instructions 2 hours after you have placed an order. If the changes were made before this time frame ended, the revision will be free of any charges.
  • You require particular sources for your paper to which our writers do not have access. In that case, you are responsible for providing them.
  • Should you not have the means of providing us with the necessary resources, will use any free, readily-available and relevant information that we can find. If you do not agree with that option but are still unable to provide us the sources, we can buy that information. However, in this particular case, you will be held responsible for covering the costs of the purchase.
  • If you have open disputes with, you will lose the right of receiving a free revision.

Each extra cost will be made to provide you with the best benefits. However, will attempt to make these prices be as low as possible.

Getting a Free Revision

Looking at our revision policy, everything may look like a complicated task that always asks for extra charges. However, there are times when SupremeDissertations offers their customers free revision, even when it requires our own extra effort. Here is when we provide free revisions to our clients:

  • Your instructions were clear from the moment you have placed your order, but the assigned writer did not follow them.
  • You changed your originally-provided instructions within the two-hour timeframe, but the changes were not considered by the instructor.
  • You make a request for a revision in the first 14 days after receiving your final draft of the paper. (*)

(*) Note: If the paper that you have ordered has an unusual length or is more complex, you should discuss with the Customer Support the amount of time you will need for an extra free revision. is fully aware that an elaborate paper such as a dissertation or a thesis will need more time than a 3-page essay, for example.

Instructions for Requesting a Revision

If you feel like your paper needs to be revised, regardless if it’s paid or free, you will have to go through the following steps:

  • A request for a revision ought to be made by you contacting our Customer Support Team. This can be done via telephone, live chat, and e-mail.
  • A revision should always be made in writing. Regardless if your contact with the Customer Support was by telephone, you will be requested to provide us with a written request as well, along with the evidence you will need to support your claim. We will further analyze that proof in a dispute and check whether or not you fit the requirements of a free or a paid revision.
  • On a request for a revision, you should specify the deadline for your revision. If there are no specifications, an average essay revision should not take longer than 24 hours after the instructions were received.

It is our purpose to meet all the expectations you have of Supreme Dissertations and provide you with our best services. We will collaborate with you, and we will work as much as we need to finish a project in a way that you will be fully content with your results. We will follow your requirements to the last detail, and we will tailor the paper in such a way that we’ll know for sure it will meet your needs. 

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