Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy must be read and agreed on by every customer requesting our services. Before using the services provided by, we ask that you carefully review the following clauses in this document. They will explain the main principles and rules that we use to gather your personal information. Since cares about the privacy of your personal information, we encourage that you analyze the content of this policy, a well as the others present on our website.

Information Collected Upon Placing an Order

Upon placing an order for a paper on, we will require you to provide us with the following information:

  • Your name, e-mail, billing address, and phone number.
  • The details necessary for us completing your order.
  • Phone conversation and recorded chat.

Therefore, the information you provide us with will be divided into two different categories:

  • Anonymous information: Information that we gather when an individual accesses our website, regardless if it was done by user account of free user. The information we’ll gather will include the information provided by the browser, the accessed pages and the time that an individual has spent on the content of our website. This information will be collected and added to a larger database which will allow us to improve the user experience on our website. We also use cookies from an individual’s personal browsers to improve your overall online experience.
  • Personal Information: This information will be provided the moment you set up an account on Everything that you will provide us with will be protected by firewalls and encryptions. Users may access your account, and they will only see personal information which you wish to make public. Keep in mind that the information you make public will not be protected in any way. Should you notice any unusual changes in your personal information, you ought to notify us immediately.

We gather this information to improve our services and make it easier for customers to use. This information will only be exchanged between the client and the authorized personnel from

How We Use the Collected Information

Our company will use your personal data in the following circumstances:

  • To offer you the services that you want to use.
  • To keep a record of the accounting, billing and market research purposes.
  • To respond to any of the queries, information requests, and complaints that we might receive from customers.
  • To customize the Service layout and the content.
  • To notify customers about any significant changes that will occur with our services.

If you currently have an order in progress, our Customer Support team will contact you by phone or e-mail, to make sure that your paper is delivered on time and is of the best quality. There’s also the possibility that our support team will contact you through our messaging system as well.

Sharing Your Information with Third Parties

We will only share your information with third parties only if we believe that they have information you will find valuable. You will be seeing advertisements on your profile page just like they appear on similar social media pages. We will not give them any personal information other that what you have already made public on your page.

Sharing Your Contact Information: We do not share personal contact information with third parties unless we receive permission beforehand. We will only share your personal information in the following cases:

  • If you purchase something from our website, which will mean that your financial information will go through a third-party processor. Even we will not have access to that information.
  • If we are requested by legal authorities to provide your contact information, we will be cooperative and do so. Furthermore, we will contact the authorities with information if we believe that your behavior has violated any laws that were outlined in our Terms and Conditions.
  • If the ownership of will transfer to another person or organization, your personal information will be sent along with the other transferred content. In the case of such an event, we will notify our users beforehand. That way, they can decide whether or not they want to keep the account or delete it in order to preserve their privacy.

Unless we receive other instructions, other companies may contact you to advertise their products, promotions, and services.

Age Requirements

In order to use the services provided on our website, customers need to follow certain guidelines regarding age requirements. 

  • Under Age 13: People under the age of 13 are not allowed to set up an account on Supreme Dissertations. Should we discover that anyone under this age has set up an account on our website, we will immediately proceed to shut down the account and block any further access. Users may regain access only if they prove that they are above 13 years old.
  • Age 13-18: Users that are part of this age category requires parental or permission from the guardian to access our website. Should we not receive prior consent, users will not be allowed to use this website if they are less than 18 years old.
  • Over Age 18: Anyone over the age 18 may register to our website without needing parental permission.

Anyone who registers will do so at their own risk and by the guidelines of this Privacy Policy.

Security and Storage of Data

Be aware that this company will not be held responsible for the information that has been provided directly to our writers. The company cannot control, nor give any guarantees of future distribution if your information was not processed through us.

All information that you provided us with will be stored on secure servers owned by We will give you the option of creating a password which will enable you to access your account, and you will be held responsible for keeping it confidential.

This Privacy Policy may be subjected to future modifications, without us being required to provide notice. It is your responsibility as a customer to check these pages for future updates. 

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